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History of phun-ky.net

I have had this website since 2001, and I though it was about time to go down the memory lane, to see how much it has evoled for over 20 years


I am a frontender, not a designer, as you will see..

Thanks to the WayBack Machine, I was able to get a hold of some screenshots for my old versions of this site. Let us go through them and see how much they have evolved, or not. Bear in mind that the WayBack Machine does not save images or all external CSS, so the outcome of the screenshots is not 100%, but you get the gist of it.

Yeah.. I remember this setup. It was back in 2001 when "everything" was made in Macromedia Dreamwever, and every site had the mandatory "best viewed in …" phrase.. And of course, a catchy tagline, mine was "be free, be fly, be phun-ky". *cringe*

And yes, a random quote that I liked.

The name phun-ky, is actually the nick I started to use by the turn of the millenia. Before that I used the redavr nick, because i loved Command & Conquer: Red Alert and I used my initials. phun-ky was born after a musical love affair that I had with Fatboy Slim, and his mix of DJ Tonka - Phun-Ky. And the rest is history. I have used that nick ever since, on IRC, forums, work and gaming.

Oh, and of course, my made up company "United Media". I kinda dreamt of starting my own agency, but it never came to that. But later on, I started "UMedia", a computer hardware company with my brother and a couple of our friends, but that is another story.

Hehe, I remember that I was going to build a community on that site.With reports on games, movies etc, having my own forums, letting buddies of mine write stuff and to be a part of that community. I also hosted some CounterStrike clan pages, including my own clan, "pSc", proud scottsmen clan. *cringe*

Big dreams, big dreams..

I started early fidgeting with the code, trying to make it "up to code" with semantics and standards, and during that period I also created some flash stuff. I think I was in conscription (mandatory military service) when I created this version.I still loved the blue-ish color I see.

But it was not until 2004 that I started to blog, but that was more deep personal stuff, not really suited in a public domain, so I scraped this. The design was something I cooked up from a college project I had. Oh, and you see already there, the link to 508, which was the forerunner for the WCAG standards.

Still some shades of blue.

Aaand in 2006 I switched the color palette, to red. How original. A bit more writing, mostly related to gaming, CS and World of Warcraft. Hm, still doing music and movie reports apparently.

You can actually see more of this version in the last image of Linux here

I remember I created the red doodle in MS Paint. *cringe*

Still playing WoW, but again, switched colors. Mostly wrote about programming, politics and linux releases apparently. And the tag line that I still use was born. "The world from my point of view, and some pedantic creativity".

Yep, nope. Never doing that again. Skewed boxes with too much shadow? *facepalm*

Better, but still. Dull, boring, green.

Well, at least I get my headshot up now. And the current title for my blog was made: "lover of life, technologist at heart".

New headshot, new color palette. Not much.

Another change in the picture. And now new posts!?

Ah yes, here I decided I just needed a frontpage, with the links to the very few posts I had on medium.com..

So, over 20 years of doing frontend and posing as a blog writer has led to the site you are visiting now. Has it improved? I think so. Now hopefully, I can focus on my writing :P

About the author

Hi! My name is Alexander, and I am a creative frontender, specializing in UX, accessibility, universal design, frontend-architecture, node and design systems. I am passionate with open source projects and love to dabble with new emerging technologies related to frontend. With over 26 years of frontend experience, I have earned the right to be called a veteran. I am a lover of life, technologist at heart. If I am not coding, I am cooking and I love whisky and cigars. Oh, and coffee, I LOVE coffee!

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