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From nothing to state of the art, how we build design systems, for all!
– How we built a design system, with focus on technical distribution, a11y and documentation.

This talk deals with how we build design systems at the current client, and how we got to where we are now. We look at the needs of all types of personas / consumers of the design system and how a design system helps with development, a11y, business knowledge and content. Are you a content manager or a developer? A design system is both for you and for the end user!

Screenshot of the talk I had on NDC

About the author

Hi! My name is Alexander, and I am a creative frontender, specializing in UX, accessibility, universal design, frontend-architecture, node and design systems. I am passionate with open source projects and love to dabble with new emerging technologies related to frontend. With over 24 years of frontend experience, I have earned the right to be called a veteran. I am a lover of life, technologist at heart. If I am not coding, I am cooking and I love whisky and cigars. Oh, and coffee, I LOVE coffee!

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I am also an avid speaker on several topics! Check out some of the things I speak about, and contact me if you are interested in having me at your next event!