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Enabling developers and designers to speak the same language
– How a design system helps designers and developers to speak the same language

Today, more and more development is done in tight relation with designers and UX-designer, triggering the need for a design system that is tightly coupled with both design and code. Up until recent years, the design communication has gone one way, from the designers to the developers.

Screenshot of the talk I had on JavaZone

This talk covers the process I came up with on securing design/develop communication both ways when building a design system.

We will cover generation of preprocessor styles with design tokens and how we generate our design systems continuously

About the author

Hi! My name is Alexander, and I am a creative frontender, specializing in UX, accessibility, universal design, frontend-architecture, node and design systems. I am passionate with open source projects and love to dabble with new emerging technologies related to frontend. With over 26 years of frontend experience, I have earned the right to be called a veteran. I am a lover of life, technologist at heart. If I am not coding, I am cooking and I love whisky and cigars. Oh, and coffee, I LOVE coffee!

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