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How to create a new page in Atlassian Confluence with given template from a link

I was trying to solve an issue, amidst the documentation haze for my latest applications, to create a new page with a given template from a link, to spare me the hazzle of doing it "manually".


I did my homework and tried to find other similar issues, when I found this issue at Atlassian Answers. The answers there did not help, but one of the commenters pointed out you can manipulate the query string to resolve the issue. The problem was that the commenter did not use the correct URL.

The solution

I inspected the URL that created a new page when you select a template, and found this solution:

http://domain.com/pages/createpage-entervariables.action?spaceKey=<spacekey>&fromPageId=<parent page id>&templateId=<template id>

This should also work:

http://domain.com/?spaceKey=<spacekey>&templateId=<template id>&newSpaceKey=<spacekey>


If you want to automatically locate all undefined links and inject the correct URL for creating a new page with a specified template, you can do something like this:

 * Feature to add a template to creation of pages from undefined links in Confluence
 * @author    Alexander Vassbotn Røyne-Helgesen <alexander@phun-ky.net>
 * @link      https://phun-ky.net
 * @license   http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/
 * This code is licensed with a
 * Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license.
 * You are free to alter, redistribute and use it commercially, as long as you keep the same license,
 * and give attribution to the creator, Alexander Vassbotn Røyne-Helgesen.

 * Holder for URL
 * @type  String
 * @private
var _undefined_link_to_add_template_to,
   * jQuery cached element holder
   * @type  Object
   * @private
   * Holder for template to append
   * @type  Integer
   * @private
  _template_id_to_append = 55967807;

 * Iterate over all the create page links within #main-content.
 * We asume that all the create page links within #main-content is to be altered
 * @param   Object    $( '#main-content a[href^="/confluence/pages/createpage.action"]' )
 * @key     i         Integer
 * @value   element   Object
$('#main-content a[href^="/confluence/pages/createpage.action"]').each(
  function (i, element) {
    // Cache the element
    _undefined_link_element = $(element);

    // Create the new URL from the old URL
    _undefined_link_to_add_template_to = _undefined_link_element
      .replace('createpage.action', 'createpage-entervariables.action');

    // Append the new URL to the href attribute
      _undefined_link_to_add_template_to +
        '&templateId=' +

Add this code snippet in a HTML code block addon on the page where you want to alter the links.

Happy documenting!

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