I have not been as active as I was before in the blogosphere the last year, I’ve been rather busy you might say. But things have changed and I swiped over my bookmarks of grade A blogs and stumpled upon an article over at orderedlist.com, “Stop Blogging” by Steve Smith. The article was not mind-blowing, but I felt frustrated, due to the articles statement about stale/old content, especially when it comes to technology. I had to leave a comment, and here it is:

The comment

Well, users that can’t seem to figure out how old/stale/archaic/not fresh and so on the content of a web log post/article/how-to should really be paying the price themselves.

And if we (the bloggers) are going to apprehend these ideas of protecting the public from stale content, where is the border? Who decides what is stale content or not? You? W3? The government? The man? And if they decide, when? After 1 week? Month? Year? Decade?

And furthermore, when “when” is decided upon by anyone, how should this be displayed to the user/reader/customer/spider ?

To quote Tim Berners-Lee:

There are no reasons at all in theory for people to change URIs (or stop maintaining documents), but millions of reasons in practice.