If you’ve been up to date with the beta and rc releases lately, this won’t come as a surprise:

Mandriva Linux 2009 has been released:

We have released Mandriva Linux 2009, the new release of our distribution. 2009 is a bold release which brings the new KDE 4.1 as the default desktop, along with a re-designed installer and Mandriva Control Center, and many other new features. Other significant updates include GNOME 2.24, OpenOffice.org 3, Mozilla Firefox 3, and kernel 2.6.27. Key features include new graphical in-line upgrade capability, netbook compatibility, class-leading hardware support, and support for working with mobile devices.

Read the release announcement and release notes for more information, but also check out the errata page for a list of known issues and workarounds.

Download the “Free” installation DVDs or the “One” installable live CDs from here: mandriva-free-2009-dvd-i586.iso (4,382MB, MD5, torrent), mandriva-free-2009-dvd-x86_64.iso (4,412MB, MD5, torrent), mandriva-one-2009-KDE4-int-cdrom-i586.iso (702MB, MD5, torrent), mandriva-one-2009-GNOME-int-cdrom-i586.iso (607MB, MD5, torrent).