Steve Langasek has now reported that they have now frozen their beta version of Ubuntu 8.10, and is ready to relase it next week.

If you’re curious on what bugs they’re focusing on, you can check the list here

Whats new in Intrepid?

Some of the new features in Intrepid:

Totem BBC plugin

PAM authentication framework

Samba 3.2


“Last successful boot” recovery entry

Network Manager 0.7

Guest session

Encrypted private directory

Linux kernel 2.6.27

X.Org 7.4

GNOME 2.23.91

Go here to see the whole list and for more information.

What would Intrepid Look like?

Well, you can click here to see what the new human theme might look like. Click here to see other contributions to new Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex art!

What is an ibex?

Well, check out an ibex here.