More good news on the feed!

David Liu has announced the release of gOS 3.0 “Gadgets” edition, an Ubuntu-based distribution featuring a large number of pre-installed Google desktop gadgets:

Introducing gOS 3 'Gadgets'. gOS 3 'Gadgets' instantly launches Google Gadgets for Linux on start-up, introducing over 100,000 possible iGoogle and Google Gadgets to the desktop. Google Documents, Calendar, and Mail launch in Mozilla Prism windows to closer resemble desktop applications. The newest release of Wine 1.0 is included to now support thousands of Windows software for our advanced users. gOS 3 Gadgets is based on the solid Linux distribution base of Ubuntu 8.04.1.

Visit the project’s home page to read the release announcement and see the product’s features page to learn more about the distribution’s capabilities. Download the live CD image from here: gos-3.0-gadgets-20080924.iso (687MB).