Was stuck in a rut here with a JavaScript problem, but I did some active research that I became very happy with:

    function InsertTextAtCursor(input, valueString){
   //IE support
   if (document.selection) {
      sel = document.selection.createRange();
      sel.text = valueString;
    //MOZILLA/NETSCAPE support
   else if ($(input).selectionStart || $(input).selectionStart == '0') {
      var startPos = $(input).selectionStart;
      var endPos = $(input).selectionEnd;
      $(input).value = $(input).value.substring(0, startPos)
     + valueString
      + $(input).value.substring(endPos, $(input).value.length);
      $(input).value += valueString;


Notice that I’ve used prototype as well in this solution. The function could be a lot more, but I just need it for one feature only.