GParted LiveCD has been updated to version 0.3.4-6:

GParted LiveCD 0.3.4-6 has been released. Changes: we now use Squashfs LZMA witch allows best compression and reduces the file size to 45 MB; upgrade to X.Org 7.2 offers better support and auto-detection for video and resolution, but old mkxf86config is still available as an option in GRUB, if needed; the new 'Macbook' option fixes the double keystroke issue with Mac; two new scripts are born to help users to build GParted LiveUSB - first one can be used to mount a USB key and also offers the possibility to run the second one, which copies needed files to the freshly attached USB stick and apply syslinux to make it bootable; kernel has been updated to

Read the rest of the changelog for further details. Download: gparted-livecd-0.3.4-6.iso (45.0MB, MD5).