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road trip to lofoten in northen-norway, leg 1


Please note that this is an archived post, so links, code and the communicated message might be outdated. YMMV

Me and my girlfriend are taking a vacation together in Nordland in Norway. To get there, we're road tripping. I'm going to upload some pictures and keep my few readers updated on our trip. Why road trip? Well, we're having summer vacation here, and we've decided to visit relatives (especially on my behalf because I don't see them much) and to enjoy the beautiful scenery we wouldn't see if we were flying with an airplane. During this trip I will test out the ICE D50 USB modem (mobile broadband from ice.net) to the fullest of its potential, with Ubuntu of course.

The first leg!

The first leg is from our residence in Bærum and via my parents (not plotted in), straight north until we're spending the night at a motel in Namskogan. Stay tuned!

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