As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I’m attending Go Open 2008, a conference about Open Source arranged by the National Competence Center for Open Source.


I’ve already made my mind about which sessions I’ll attend:


Open Source, our most important development strategy - by Chris DiBona, Google

What is open source and why change? - by Zak Greant, Mozilla Foundation

Standardisation at IETF - by Harald T. Alvestrand, Google

One Laptop Pr. Child - a global development project - by Håkon W. Lie, Opera Software

Software testing on a massive scale - by Adam Kennedy, Alias Software

Open source gives successful projects - by Ron Tolido, Gloval CTO, Capgemini


Open source - an innovative-strategy - by Simon Phipps, Chief Open Source Officer, Sun Microsystems

OpenID - Single sign-on for the web - by Simon Josefsson,

Creating Reusable Code Without Centralisation - by Michael G. Schwern, Best Practical

During all the sessions, I will try to update my blog and use twitter to note down the key elements! Stay tuned!