I’ve had a sneak peek at Linux Foundations 3rd annual desktop Linux survey and while LF analyses the raw data, you can read some results here!

Some numbers: over 20,000 have answered the surveys this year compared to under 10,000 in 2006! 51.1% of the users that replied in the survey was from Europe, 68.4% of the Linux desktops are deployed in SOHOs (Small Office, Home Office).

Some quotes from the original post at desktoplinux.com:

While the LF’s third annual desktop Linux survey doesn’t officially end until November 30th, the number of daily respondents have shrunk to a trickle and the Foundation is working on analyzing the results.

Only 16.3 percent say they will not be using Linux on their desktops. Since this is an open survey for users who are interested in the Linux desktop, I suspect that this particular result indicates Windows users trying to twist the survey’s results. As a survey of Linux desktop users, which deliberately tried to attract such users, the survey’s bias is clearly toward the Linux desktop. Thus, the number of users who claim not to be using Linux should be taken with a grain of salt.

This conclusion is also supported by another survey question: “Do you have enough confidence in Linux today to use it for mission-critical applications?” There, the answer was 74.3 percent absolutely had that much trust in Linux, with 18.3 percent saying that they probably trusted Linux enough for mission critical use.

Some happy numbers: 55.4 % of the desktops used for personal use are Ubuntu! ;)

Go to desktoplinux.com for the full story.