Standard Norge, the Norwegian organization to vote for or against the OOXML standard as a new ISO standard, has voted no to OOXML in its present form.

The debate about OOXML has been heated, both in Norway and the rest of the world. Sweden decided to give an unanimous yes, but then annulled their vote and voted blank. There was a large disagreement in Norway between the other organizations and it finally became clear that Standard Norge should decide what Norway votes in the OOXML debate.

The OOXML specifications from Microsoft

A press release from Standard Norge:

Standard Norge is principally for a standard that will give the users the best possible access to their old documents. However, we find to many weaknesses in OOXML to approve the document at hand as a proposal to a new ISO standard in its present form.

I wrote earlier about OOXML, and I urge you to sign the petition (follow the link in the article) against OOXML.

Standard Norge actually gives a conditioned yes to OOXML, but that’s a big NO with comments. What does it mean? It means that Microsoft have to fix all the comments before it can be approved as a ISO standard.

The picture to this post is the 6000 pages of OOXML specifications from Microsoft

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