Internet monopoly in Norway is in the horizon: The largest web daily in Norway, published an article that literally stunned me. Telenor , The largest ISP in Norway, are pulling themselves out of the Norwegian Internet Exchange (NIX)!

What does this mean actually? Well, quoted from the article:

Imagine an internett where YouTube have to pay extra cash to the ISP just to show you a video. Or that you will only get a fast connection with iTunes if you got an internet connection from Telenor.

WHAT? You heard me, the pull-out is on the 1st of July. Telenor is stating that:

The only thing we have said is that the content providers that wish a guaranteed bandwith may have to pay for special demands to the network

The Norwegian authorities are monitoring the situation, but the pull-out is just one more step towards a monopoly that is breaking the foundation of the Internet..

The current model of internet networking in Norway is that all Internet traffic is going through the NIX at the University in Oslo. The model guarantees that all traffic has the same priority. When Telenor is pulling out, the content providers have to pay up to use Telenor’s net.

I am watching this matter close, and will update my readers about this!