I was so looking forward to try the Safari beta on Windows when Safari beta was released. The experience from the browser after some first views was not good, at all. I didn’t have the same problems as Roger Johansson had, my Safari beta won’t show me any h1 or span tags! It bugs. Badly.

Does anyone have the same experience? Noone? I guess someone out there has problems at least! David Maynor, a contributor to the Errata Security blog is continuously updating his post with new bugs in Safari.

no head or span tags shown

“The world best browser” indeed.. I did not test the other features, ‘cause I was so hung up on the fact that it could not display tags correctly. At first glance, I thought that it was my fault with some really bad CSS, but no, I found the same bug on external sites as well, like: vg.no , the most used news site in Norway.

I took notice that several bloggers that I’m reading did mention some problems with the browser crashing, I have not experienced that yet with Safari beta. Let us hope that the RC is better than the beta.