There are just 2 steps needed to install any Ubuntu version really. Insert CD/DVD and point/click.

But the fun thing about it was that after I got hold of a DVD to write the ISO on, the DVD was DVD-R, so to install Ubuntu Studio on my stationary, I had to rip out my DVD+-R drive from my HTPC.. Took some pix of it, but adding them later.

After I got it installed, I tried the basic: get the network connection up ASAP. Just had to plug it in, nothing more. Brutal! After that I tried to install pidgin (or any other through apt-get), but it turns out that was pretty annoying due to the fact that the first repository in the list was the DVD, and I removed that drive right after the install.. I found the solution at monkeyblog right after I posted for help in another forum. The solution was to disable the local repositories.

Thats it for now, pix will come later.