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Bush with a half monty


Please note that this is an archived post, so links, code and the communicated message might be outdated. YMMV

I just HAD to post this comic I found. It's a crossover with the suddenly change in Bush's political course after the recent events in the U.S. and the continuous Iraqi war. I am a BIG Monty Python fan, and I literally laughed my ass off the chair when I saw it.

The comic refers to the scene from Monty Pyton and the Quest for the Holy Grail where King Arthur comes back to the Knights who say Ni only to find out that they are no longer known as the Knights who say Ni. If you haven't seen it yet, go see it today!

The comic is from gocomics.com and the author is Chip Bok! I recommend my readers to read some of his nicely sketched comics, and I am waiting for him to link a political event to the fish slapping dance!

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