In these days, we hear about the phenomena “web 2.0” more and more often. To make it short, web 2.0 is a phrase made to describe second generation network generic services on the Internet. It is not like some might think it is, a second version of the Internet. And the subject for this post is, you’ve guessed it, a web 2.0 service.

Searched the forums of , the forum for the largest norwegian hardware community, , and stumbled over a link to something called Desktoptwo
. I clicked the link mentioned and there I was. Desktoptwo
offers a online desktop with over 1GB of disk space.

It includes everything a normal desktop has, background image, icons, IM services, desktop look-a-like mail interface and much more. I am not advertising about it, but if you are interested in new web services, try it ;)