Lately the news had a brief(!?) moment from news from the Middle East. The news came from the only communist state in the Western Hemisphere, Cuba.

We have not neglected that Fidel Castro is getting older, but we’ve to go some decades back to see some real controversity from Cuba. Still, the USA consider him as a dictator and they have to treat him as one. I am counting the days before the first wave of the “liberating forces of USA” arrives in Cuba..

But! This is not why I am mentioning Fidel Castro in this post! As I said, Castro (Fidel) is getting older and he had recently given his little brother, Raul, the power temporarily due to his forthcoming surgery. Some may say that this was the beginning of the end of the communistic reign in Cuba, as we read in our dailys: “Exiles celebrate in Miami over Castro’s news”. But if we draw paralell lines with Castro (Fidel) and any high executive in a normal corporation, the word temporarily means temporarily.

There’s been many rumours about Castro’s health, some rumours may be real, but many seems fake. What is your opinions on the whole Cuba matter?

The photo used in this post is licensed to AP / Scanpix