The UN Council ‘shocked’ by Qana raid. Over 54 civilian lives were lost in the Qana raid, most of them children. France has already circulated a draft resolution to call for an immediate end of the hostilities. Kofi Annan clearly states:

“Action is needed now before many more children, women and men become casualties of a conflict over which they have no control.”

Even though the world urges all sides of the conflict to immediate cease fire, Israel is ‘not ready for truce yet’. How can the main aggressor claim to be not ready for peace? I find it horrible.

Israeli Defence Minister Amir Peretz has said that, despite a 48-hour halt to air strikes on south Lebanon, Israel cannot agree to an immediate ceasefire.”

And still, after announcement from the Israelis to suspend the airstrikes, Israeli war planes still carry out bombing raids in southern Lebanon.

“Israel says it reserves the right to take action against targets if it believes its troops or civilians are under threat.”

But what about the Lebanese civilians?

The USA believes in lasting peace after the “announcement of cease fire” from the Israelis. Condoleezza Rice, you have to work harder!

For more information for my Norwegian readers the article Israel med nye angrep på Libanon covers this post. And the latest entry at a very good blog, Borderlines, the Lebanese Union in Norway rallies to protests. (Foto used in my post is licensed to Scanpix.