As many of you’ve probably noticed already, especially if you live in Europe, the hot item in the media today besides the Israeli occupation, is the cartoon of the Israeli Prime Minister with a sniper rifle made by the german born norwegian cartoonist Finn Graff for the daily Dagbladet.

Just take a look at the reaction of the news at NewsBuster, the reactions are calling for proclaiming Norway as a anti-semitic state! First of all, do these people that comments neglect the fact that Israel is not as innocent as it seems? Israel is a wolf in a sheep’s harness, nothing more, nothing less. The accusations from the Israeli ambassador in Norway, Shomrat, are pathetic since they call for political cencorship and a public excuse. No, I am not a jew hater, but I hate stupidity, and the comments on NewsBuster and the accusations from Shomrat are plain simple stupidity.

The daily Dagbladet’s constituted editor, Lars Helle replies : “I think it’s Shomrat that needs to apologize to us for comparing us with a Nazi newspaper.”